Our Services

What services does
LEN24 Private Investment Banking offer?

Our goals

Creating our values together

When we develop investment solutions for our clients, we do so with an eye on the future and remain present with you. As a bank, we know what it means to accumulate and preserve wealth. As a client, you know that it is not just monetary assets that have value. This is why we place value on values. We firmly believe this is the only way we can create added value for you, for our employees and for the company.

Our purpose

Sustainable investing at LEN24 Bank

We invest in businesses that pursue scalable and technology driven business models around three key impact themes that are central to building a better tomorrow: people, planet and productivity.

Our Values

We believe that
the first responsibility to our investors is preserving and growing their assets over the long term.

As a firm, the following beliefs are at the core of our approach:

Creating partnerships with clients and putting their requirements first, while sharing our own experiences as a principal investor

We build on these beliefs to help our clients achieving their long-term investment goals, which we believe creates a basis for future generations and society to prosper.

Our goals

Protecting and Growing Wealth.

Do you want to protect and grow your wealth? Discover the holistic financial services offered by LEN24 Private Investment Banking.